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Seven Days Kurdistan
Kurdistan, (literally meaning "the land of Kurds") is an extensive plateau and mountainous area in the Middle East, inhabited mainly by Kurds. It covers parts of eastern Turkey (Turkish Kurdistan), northern Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan), northwestern Iran (Iranian Kurdistan) and part of northern Syria.
Iranian Kurds is not to be confused with the Kurdistan province in Iran which only encompasses a part of the Kurdish inhabited areas of Iran. It is noteworthy, that from the estimated 4 million Iranian Kurds, who are mainly Sunnis, 1,555,000 of them are Shiite Kermanshahi Kurds.
It’s my photo note about Iranian Kurds in seven days trips to north of Kermanshah, Kurdistan and south of west Azerbaijan province.

A bird seats on an antenna near Zarivar lake in Mrivan.                                                                                                                                                                        

Larg Photo
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